Architectural study of an apartment building

The “Stefanos Vasdekis” office undertakes architectural studies of apartment buildings. The main difference between an apartment building design and a home study is that we often do not know the needs of future tenants as our customer is the builder. In these cases we are called to design apartments that meet the usual needs of future buyers or tenants and with interior layouts that can easily and economically be changed according to the wishes of their tenants.

Basic stages

The first stage of the architectural study is the recording and elaboration of the requirements of the owners-builders. We jointly determine the desired building program (floors, number of apartments, possible maisonettes, warehouses, parking spaces, etc.) and the aesthetics of the building.

At the same time we research the characteristics of the plot, the building conditions and other elements of the area to which it belongs. Then we explore alternative scenarios taking advantage of the benefits of the New Building Regulation with additional surfaces that are not included in the building factor such as lofts, attics, arches, etc.

After the selection, we accurately design the architectural plans of the apartment building, proceeding to the final study, always in constant communication with the fellow engineers (surveyors, statics and mechanical engineers).

Our goal is always the satisfaction of both the customer – builder and the future tenants – buyers of the apartments. The high aesthetics, the timelessness and the durability of the building in the long run are factors that are taken into account in each phase of design and construction.

The final stage before the issuance of the building permit is the complete three-dimensional photorealistic presentation of the future apartment building and the interiors of the apartments to the customer so that they have the complete image of the building.


Having designed apartment buildings both in Greece (Glyfada, Voula, Filothei, etc.) and abroad, we have the necessary know-how for complete architectural studies of unique aesthetics characterized by functionality, perfect construction and harmonization with their natural environment.