Our office has the ability to deliver to the owner their project constructed according to the architectural study and the specifications that have been set, ensuring in each phase of construction the observance of the financial budget, the required schedule and the high quality of construction.


First, all the construction details and materials that will be used are determined. With the participation of the owners, the contractors of the individual works are selected based on some criteria that are set.

Before the construction starts, visits are made to stores that have all the necessary materials for the construction (tiles, interior and exterior frames, sanitary ware, floors, kitchens, closets, etc.) and the appropriate ones are selected according to the wishes and the available financial budget of the owner. Then the construction and supervision of the project begins according to the agreed plans and the project is delivered with “turnkey” according to the predetermined schedule.


Our responsibility is the supervision and organization of the construction site at each stage of the project until its final delivery. The Stefanos Vasdekis office undertakes the coordination of the workshops, the orders, the receipts of the building materials and we carry out measurements freeing the owners from the stress of the construction.

The continuous monitoring of the works in combination with our many years of experience and the ability to immediately solve the technical problems that may arise during the construction phase ensure the sound outcome of each project.