Before buying any property, building or plot, the interested party must consult an engineer who has the necessary experience to be able to properly assess each property. Evaluating both the pros and cons of the future investment, we guide the client to make the right decision. Our consulting services concern the evaluation of a plot of land or an existing residential building or a commercial space.

Plot Purchase

Buying a plot of land is an important financial and emotional decision for which the interested party must be properly prepared. Due to the many years of active professional presence of our office, we are able to advise you on the current market situation, on the commercial values ​​that have been formed by region as well as on the required bureaucratic procedures. We will evaluate the characteristics of the plot you are interested in: location, shape, area, slope of the ground, and of course the building conditions (permissible coverage, construction, height, etc.) to examine whether the future building will meet your needs and expectations. A simple example is the choice of a sloping plot without the advice of an engineer. “Often customers buy plots with a steep slope that offer plenty of views, but have high cost requirements that arise in the construction, surprising the owners.

Buying a Home

Our contribution to the purchase of an existing home or apartment allows our client to have a complete picture of the data from the beginning. We first discuss with you your lifestyle and your expectations from the future investment. Then for each property you have selected we examine the basic characteristics such as location, area, age and quality of construction so that we are able to form an opinion about the value of the property. We carry out a thorough inspection of the building permit plans to make sure that the property has no arbitrariness and in case it has, we examine whether they have been properly regulated by the laws of arbitrary settlements so that you do not find yourself any unpleasant surprises in the future. Finally, we investigate any repairs that are required or the possible renovations that could be carried out in order to configure the existing house perfectly with your needs.

The 43 years of professional activity of the Stefanos Vasdekis office in the field of real estate, enable us to be able to evaluate each investment. We have the knowledge and experience to advise you and help you answer all your questions, either in the initial stage of the search or in the process of purchasing negotiations.