Renovating a home is a significant financial investment with long-term benefits for homeowners. The reasons can be either practical for maintenance and repair of old buildings or purely aesthetic for renewal with more modern materials and styles. However, in the difficult economic period we are going through in recent years, it is also a smart choice compared to buying a new home. With proper study and our decorative ideas, we are able to design the house or apartment from scratch and give the feeling that this house has just been built.

Renovation Steps

Implementing with us a partial or total renovation ensures the perfect architectural study at a cost determined by the customer according to his available budget. The first and most important step of the renovation is the detailed capture of the existing spaces and then by creating drawings and three-dimensional photorealistic illustrations you have the opportunity to compare the before and after of the renovation. The detailed financial budget and the exact work schedule enable the owner to make the right decisions.

Renovation works

Renovation work is divided into outdoor and indoor work. Common outdoor works are the exterior painting, the installation of external thermal insulation, the repair of the roof, the insulation of the roof, the cladding of the facades as well as the configuration of the garden and the external fences. In the interior, frequent works are the change of interior layout, the replacement of electrical and plumbing installations, the change of heating and cooling systems, the renovation of kitchen and bathroom, the change of floors, and of course the painting of the walls.

Based on the type and size of work that will be required, it is necessary to issue the appropriate building permit undertaken by our office. The precise budget and the constant monitoring of the workshops ensure keeping to schedule and the high quality of construction.