After the required studies are completed and the required building permit is issued by the competent Building Service, our office undertakes the supervision of the construction of the project from the initial stage of the excavations and the building of foundations until the completed delivery.


At each stage of the architectural construction we supervise the progress of the works with regular visits to the building, guiding the individual workshops in each phase of the project. The frequency of visits by the architect is proportional to the phase and needs of each project and at any time deemed necessary by him or the owner.

The supervision of the construction is accompanied by plans of construction details that are updated accordingly, in order to construct without any deviation the foreseen architectural study. With the right supervision, mistakes and misinterpretations are avoided and we have a desired result according to the construction requirements and the expectations of the owners.

Stefanos Vasdekis and Architects provide constant presence at the construction site at all stages of the project to ensure the quality of construction. We make sure that the financial budget of the project is observed, and we are always at the disposal of the respective workshops to solve the questions and problems that may arise during the construction. In addition, in every project we make sure that all the safety rules for the employees are respected.